Download Ver. v1.5.6 - für Windows

Eliminate the frustrations of the Command Prompt with a modern command line tool

Eliminate the frustrations of the old Windows Command Prompt once and for all with PromptPal – a thoroughly modern command line tool.

PromptPal is a replacement GUI (graphical user interface) for the command prompt console, previously known as the DOS prompt. It does not replace the command processor itself – every instruction runs through Microsoft’s cmd.exe as normal. The difference is that with PromptPal you get to compose your commands and view the results in a thoroughly modern and helpful Windows application.

PromptPal is highly configurable, and provides full Windows style editing, command completion, syntax help, command history, saving commands and results to file (ideal for creating batch files), integration with Windows Explorer and much more. PromptPal also has an optional band that lives on your Windows task bar and acts like a hybrid of the Windows “Run…” box and the command prompt.


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